Summer School Tutors

  Amanda Clayton & Richard McVetis. Amanda Clayton & Richard McVetis.
We are pleased that Amanda Clayton and Richard McVetis, have both agreed to tutor workshops in our next Summer School event.

Amanda and Richard will each tutor exciting workshops for our students.

They are both well known textile artists in their own right and experienced in leading fantastic workshops.

Hand stitching has had a renaissance over recent years.

It has always been an integral part of the work of textile artist Amanda Clayton.
In the workshop, Amanda shares her love of stitching on translucent materials, helping you to create your own beautiful stitched textiles.

Richard McVetis will inspire you to explore ways of creating stitch textures and patterns drawing on his own ten years of stitching experience.

Richard’s stitch approach helps you to translate your own your ideas into stitch, developing an understanding of embroidery as a contemporary art medium.

See their profiles below.

Amanda Clayton.
Amanda Clayton Amanda Clayton

Amanda Clayton

Amanda is obsessed by the purity of thread and cloth.

Hand stitching is her passion and the simplicity of a neutral palette allows the qualities of cloth to be explored.

She is now working freelance after an enjoyable and satisfying few decades working on Art Foundation courses. Teaching has always gone hand in hand with producing new work and at this time she was involved with both ‘The 62 Group’ and ‘The Textile Study Group’ and is also a life member of ‘The Embroiderers’ Guild’ ‘Stitching’ and evolving new work is her current priority balanced with some Embroiderers’ Guild Branch talks/day schools and a few ‘open’ workshops such as Moor Hall, Shropshire; Art Van Go, Hertfordshire; Committed to Cloth, Surrey; and Sunnycroft National Trust Property, Wellington, Shropshire.

She enjoys sharing her practice with others and is particularly interested in the way we all respond to similar elements with our own visual language. Starting points and sources for inspiration are always part of her workshop agenda as she feels there are many embroiderers’ who just lack a little confidence to explore their creative potential.
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Richard McVetis.
Richard McVetis.Richard McVetis.

Richard McVetis

We are delighted to welcome Richard McVetis who is an artist-maker, known for his meticulously embroidered drawings and objects.

Richard studied at Embroidery at Manchester School of Art and Textiles at The Royal College of Art.

This workshop is an exciting opportunity to explore the enormous scope of embroidery, create fascinating textures and patterns and combine stitches to mark make.

This experimental approach draws on the imagination of each participant and the aim is to develop traditional hand embroidery skills, to translate your own your thoughts and inspiration into stitch to develop an understanding of embroidery as a contemporary art medium.

Richard will be on hand to guide and inspire you through the workshop drawing on his ten years of stitching experience.

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