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Student Gallery for Distant Stitch Embroidery Certificate Module One:

A research theme of Stars and Crosses develops designs based on 'shape' and 'colour'.

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Stitched sample by Rebecca Dowsett Decorated fabrics by Rebecca Dowsett Design and Resolved Sample by Rebecca Dowsett Stitchery to explore disintergated shapes by Susan Milligan Resolved Sample by Tineke Lelieveld Carol Cleave: Design inspiration
Carol Cleeve; Resolved Sample Carol Cleave: Design for Resolved Sample Worksheet by Evelyne Ouillon Stitch sample by Jackie Venus Stitch sample by Jenny Composite sheet by Jo Beal
Resolved Sample by Julia Kibblewhite Resolved Sample by Julia Kibblewhite Resolved Sample by Kathy Johnson Interchange sample by Leanne Boughner Resolved Sample by Pascale Pleimling-Putz Resolved Sample by Jenn Hutchins
Resolved Sample by Diana Baldwin Resolved Sample by Jackie Sneade Resolved Sample by Ros Lomas Resolved sample by Chloe Mauro Resolved Sample, detail, Chloe Mauro Ann Davies
Ann Davies
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