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Embroidery Foundation Module  Module:

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'A sketchbook study of a wall.'
Investigate the colours, textures and shapes of a wall or any other interesting surface in your neighbourhood.


The Taster Module is about half the length of a full Certificate Module. It is a ‘self- contained’ series of exercises that is not part of the City and Guilds syllabus but is similar enough to give students an idea of the time commitment and work involved.

The Taster Module is designed to be completed in two months although you may take longer if necessary.

The tutor will also be able to assess your particular needs in order to address the future Modules to more specific abilities and needs.

The presentation of your work for this Taster Module is to be in the form of a diary or small notebook based on a stone wall - or any surface that is convenient to you in your neighbourhood that gives you the opportunity to investigate colours, textures.
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