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Distant Stitch Embroidery Certificate  Module One:

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'Stars in Your Eyes'
A research theme of Stars and Crosses develops designs based on 'shape' and 'colour'.

Module One

The design theme for this Module is SHAPE AND COLOUR, using the STAR shape or CROSS shape as your particular area of interest. There is an enormous range of star and cross shapes all around you; intentionally designed shapes such as in logos; religious symbols and in interior designs and un-intentional star and cross shapes such as where a tile pattern intersects, in a window bar - keep your eyes open. The Design topic will be covered by using the star or cross shape to develop pattern elements in the form of several different ideas in coloured papers. The student will be guided through a series of simple stages to create colourful and exciting designs from simple cut paper shapes. The embroidery techniques explored will be those of appliqué and cutwork, using hand and machine stitchery as both functional and decorative features. The student will adapt their design ideas into these techniques as well as trying the methods of simple fabric printing and bonding. The concluding element of this Module is to produce a RESOLVED SAMPLE based on the student’s own design using a star or cross pattern combined with any of these techniques in a personal and adventurous way.
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