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Distant Stitch Embroidery Certificate  Module Two:

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'Animal Magic'
A research theme of texture, tone and pattern based on the study of animal markings.

Module Two

This Module uses the starting point of the wonderful patterns of feathers, fur, scales ANIMAL MARKINGS to inspire lots of different patterns and designing methods in inks, crayons, paints. Design exercises explore how pattern can be changed to affect the different qualities of tone and proportion. The student will learn how to use the Fibonnacci Sequence and the Golden Section to inspire them in the designing process. Decorative machine stitchery using any set machine patterns will be explored using the basic facilities of the standard sewing machine. The student will be shown how to create textural stitching on plain and patterned fabrics by changes of thread tensions. Dyes will be used to create exciting patterns on plain fabrics and further decorated with machine stitching. These rich surfaces will then be seamed together and assembled into wonderfully decorative surfaces, perhaps not unlike animal markings. Ideas for the first finished assessment piece will be developed into the production of a FUNCTIONAL 3 DIMENSIONAL PIECE OF WORK which will be entirely the choice of the student.
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