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Distant Stitch Embroidery Certificate  Module Three:

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'Spiralling into Colour'
A research theme of line, shape and colour develops designs based on the continuing study of spirals.

Module Three

This Module leads the student through research, design and decorative textile techniques based on linear patterns using SPIRALS and MOVEMENT as a theme. Different ways of making lively linear spirals by monoprinting as well as two and three dimensional paper shapes continue to develop creative thinking and exploration. The student will be introduced to free machining to continue the speedy linear spiralling effects of the monoprints. Several interesting methods such as toggles, beads, cords and tassels will connect the design ideas to the textile medium and eventually to create a resolved sample. The second completed assessment piece will be based on a personal idea for an accessory using any spiral design or idea you developed during this Module. Choose from items such as a richly decorated bag, an exciting body ornament (brooch, earrings, pendant), an eccentric hair ornament (cocktail hat, hat pin), shoes/slipper (shoe buckle), belt (clasp) or any personal idea your imagination can conjure up!
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