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Distant Stitch Embroidery Certificate  Module Four:

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'Loosely Lettering'
A research theme of line, texture and form develops designs based on the study of lettering and 'media'.

Module Four

The theme of this Module is MEDIA and LETTERING and WRITING forms and also re-cycling of MEDIA ITEMS. The design topic will explore imaginative ways of forming and using lettering and writing using less conventional writing materials. The student will be introduced to the embroidery technique of drawn thread work, which is an exciting way of re-arranging and withdrawing the weave threads in a woven fabric or canvas to form holes. These holes and the surviving weave will then be further embellished with hand and machine stitchery echoing the rhythms and patterns in lines of writing and lettering. These embroidered textiles will be embedded into hand made paper, making innovative and exciting new textiles. The final piece of work will be a small panel, which will be the third assessment piece. The student will choose a very special and beautifully decorated ‘media item’ to make such as a book, folder, small portfolio, that relates to the theme of ‘media’ within which to place a decorative textile panel of hand-made paper plus embroidery.
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