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Distant Stitch Embroidery Certificate  Module Six:

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'Creative Conservation'
A research theme of colour and texture develops designs based on the study of 'sea and sky'.

Module Six

‘Creative Conservation’ is a study of surfaces in the theme of sea and sky. The student will explore different drawing techniques to produce exciting mixes of colour and texture to translate into a cavalcade of different free machine stitchery using change of thread tension on interesting fabrics such as open-weave fabrics, translucent fabrics, soluble fabrics; all creating textural and lacy textiles. The student will be guided through the stages of creative thinking to produce abstract designs based on their personally chosen conservation theme which could be any subject related to water and air pollution, burning of the rain forests is indirect but is related to air pollution as well as the ozone layer problem. The student is guided through the process of considering how to convert a paper design into a larger stitched textile to create their final assessment piece, a wall-hanging.
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