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Distant Stitch Embroidery Diploma  Module 1:

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'Making Your Mark'
A research and design Module to gather and explore ideas discovered in your chosen personal theme.

Module 1

Module 1 leads the student through the skills needed to make a research study for a visual subject and then the development stages – ‘Research for Design’. Drawing and designing activities are often regarded as ‘difficult’. The structured tasks described in the chapters of Module 1 will enables the student to gradually understand ways of achieve these skills. Use of ‘stitch’ is an important part of the ‘Embroidery Skills’ unit. Hand and machine stitching will be used to translate marks and ideas in the sketchbook and designs. Options are offered within some of the designing Chapters so that a personal path can be taken that will be relevant to your personal theme. The student will be encouraged to be inventive and imaginative with the designing process to discover personal, innovative and exciting ideas for the first completed assessment piece.
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