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Distant Stitch Embroidery Diploma  Module 3:

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'Over the Edge'
Design Theme - Study of Tudor, Celtic and Chinese Knot and Strapwork designs and borders.

Module 3

This Module will open with a study of STRAPWORK patterns within historical and embroidery from other cultures, English Tudor, Celtic, Chinese to name a few. You are asked to choose any aspect that interests you to make a design and stitch study. ‘Strapwork’ designs link with ways of plaiting and weaving, leading on to making decorative braids in experimental ways and fabric construction methods of KNITTING and WEAVING. A choice of designing exercises take an exploratory look at imaginative ideas in which a design and a textile edge or border can be created using exciting combinations of techniques. The student will be guided through more designing ideas to build on designing skills and giving possible ways of deciding how to develop interesting ideas for one of the four personal assessment pieces.
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