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Distant Stitch Machine Embroidery Level 2 Certificate  Module One:

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'Razzle dazzle'
Using line and colour to inspire exploration of linear stitch and free embroidery.

Module One

In this first Module, the student explores the design elements of colour and line, and how the use of these elements gives depth to their work. Colour is at the heart of this Module, the Razzle Dazzle of bright colours discovered by research into the ways colour effects us and how it has been used by notable artists. Included are simple ways to colour fabric and thread. The student will be guided through a series of fun, stitched ideas that will give a good understanding of colour. The design element of line will give opportunities for developing stitch skills. The Module includes information on machine needles, threads, machine tensions, stitches and how they can be used to good effect. The student will experience using the presser foot on the machine as well as free embroidery There are two resolved samples to complete by the end of the Module. One resolved sample uses prairie points creatively, with straight, zigzag and automatic patterns, using the sewing machine with the presser foot on. The second resolved sample uses free embroidery with colour and line to create stitched textures.
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