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Distant Stitch Machine Embroidery Level 2 Certificate  Module Two:

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'How does your garden grow?'
Research into nature's shapes, patterns and textures: developing ideas for creating stitched surfaces.

Module Two

The shapes and textures of the natural environment, such as flowers, seed heads, bark and leaves are used to explore the design elements of shape and form, pattern and texture. Simple shapes will be used to make print blocks and for cutting stencils that will then be used for creating patterns. Ideas for stitching textures through the addition of fabrics and yarns, and through layers of stitch will be developed from module 1. Included in the module is an introduction to working with other materials such as paper and wireform and how they can be manipulated to make 3D structures. The exploration of these design elements will be used in the two resolved samples. One sample will be a tassel with a free embroidery, stitched textured top, the other sample will be a stitched 3D manipulated structure, using ‘presser foot on’ techniques.
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