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Distant Stitch Embroidery Diploma Course:

This is an  Distant Stitch Embroidery Diploma Course.

Module 1 Module 1
'Making Your Mark'
A research and design Module to gather and explore ideas discovered in your chosen personal theme.
View details of Module 1 Student Gallery for Module 1
Module 2 Module 2
'Metallic Magic'
Design Theme - Study of the shimmering stitched surfaces of Opus Anglicanum and shi-sha mirrors.
View details of Module 2 Student Gallery for Module 2
Module 3 Module 3
'Over the Edge'
Design Theme - Study of Tudor, Celtic and Chinese Knot and Strapwork designs and borders.
View details of Module 3 Student Gallery for Module 3
Module 4 Module 4
'Forever Flowers'
Design Theme - Study of flowers in historical and foreign embroidery
View details of Module 4 Student Gallery for Module 4
Module 5 Module 5
'Looking Through the Layers'
Design theme: Historical and foreign embroidery that uses floating designs and incorporates lace-like stitch structures.
View details of Module 5 Student Gallery for Module 5
Module 6 Module 6
'Re-cycle and Re-Use'
Design Theme - Study of cultures that inventively use recycled items within their embroidery.
View details of Module 6 Student Gallery for Module 6
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