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Distant Stitch Machine Embroidery Level 2 Certificate Course:

This is an  Distant Stitch Machine Embroidery Level 2 Certificate Course.

Module One Module One
'Razzle dazzle'
Using line and colour to inspire exploration of linear stitch and free embroidery.
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Module Two Module Two
'How does your garden grow?'
Research into nature's shapes, patterns and textures: developing ideas for creating stitched surfaces.
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Module Three Module Three
'Flight of Fancy'
An exploration of design and stitch to make your imagination soar.
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Module Four Module Four
'Birds of a feather'
A research theme based on the patterns and textures of all things bird like.
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Module Five Module Five
'Starry, Starry Night '
An environmental theme using reflections, shadows and light.
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Module Six Module Six
'Going Places'
Furthering all your knowledge of design, fabrics and stitch: creating an innovative finished piece.
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