In the Early days of packages alt=
Each of these ‘packages’ became known as ‘Modules’ under the direction of Dr. Patricia Howell, the new Warden/Director of Urchfont Manor College and several new students were enrolled by the college in their first attempt of administering a correspondence course.

This gradually proved a bit too demanding on the administrative system so Siân offered to take control of the admin process as well as the teaching.

Distant Stitch continued a firm relationship with Urchfont which remained the examinations centre to register Distant Stitch students with City and Guilds and also hosting the annual Summer School for the ever increasing number of students.

Sian bought her first computer and enrolled on a website design course to advertise the modular course that was attracting several new students and in 1991, Distant Stitch was born.

The web design tutor said he thought the title, ‘Distant Stitch’ name wasn’t a very good one and suggested others such as ‘a stitch in time’ (groan).
Remember that this was before the days of emails, scanners and digital photography. These packages were literally packaged up and posted out to Karin and she returned her work by post, often arriving after lengthy adventures at the Omani customs, who we blamed for wiping the sound off the videos during their inspection!

Karin completed the Course, taking a little longer that the rest of her original classmates as she became excessively creative and gave birth to Daniel as part of her labours.

She and her family also made several moves to Nigeria and the Netherlands during her Course. We think she deserves a gold medal as well as her City and Guilds Certificate which she did several years later!
Sian with first modules
Having completed writing the whole Certificate Course in a series of ten Modules that related to the ten design topics on the City and Guilds syllabus, the number of topics was changed to six so Siân re-organised everything to fit comfortably within six Modules, placing a design topic with methods and materials that related well to each topic.

Each Module book was printed and compiled by Siân in her studio. The text was printed onto separate pages as the printer was only black and white and the colour pages were colour copied at a high street printing shop.
Siân acquired a comb-binding machine and put together all the Module books herself and then packaged and labelled them and jogged off to the post office to send them off to each student.
Those in New Zealand and other overseas students had a long wait and also an extra postage charge for each Module.
First Module
A mountain of interesting packages of work was delivered almost on a daily basis and Steve the postman became a familiar face at the door of Wind Whistle Cottage.

In fact Siân heard the long saga of Steve’s broken marriage over many chats on the doorsteps. Sadly the doorbell hardly rings now but you’ll be pleased to know that Steve has found love again.
The first Module, The Student Handbook and other useful brochures that were posted to a new Distant Stitch student.