Our Webstie today
The home grown website was originally a static one that showed the contents of the Course Modules. The graphics were very ornate as Siân got quite carried away, enjoyed playing with the new designing toys of paint programmes introduced to her by Maggie Grey.

A chance meeting on a bus to the Knitting and Stitching Show one year introduced Jacqui Brimacombe who mentioned that she felt the Distant Stitch website did not do justice to the quality of the teaching Sian was offering. So beautifully put and Jacqui and Siân spent the rest of the journey discussing how it could be improved with Jacqui offering her services as a web designer. That was the beginning of a much valued friendship which blossomed into a business partnership with Jacqui developing the Distant Stitch website into its present state.

Distant Stitch is now an entirely online system, where students can enrol and download their Modules from the Distant Stitch website for the same price wherever they are in the world. Students set their work up on individual blogs to show their work to their tutor who respond by emailing their supportive feedback. We are continually welcoming new students adding to the large number of existing students and saying good bye to those who have successfully completed their courses and even transferring onto another Distant Stitch course: nineteen students qualified in 2013.

Other tutors have written further textile courses—Machine Embroidery, Creative Sketchbooks and Patchwork and Quilting have been added to the list and Janet Crowther, Viv White, Sylvia Grant, Jo Edge and Susan Chapman have joined the Distant Stitch team.
Urchfont Manor
The Summer School has become a popular annual event, inviting two guest tutors to run exciting workshops—different ones each year.
This has allowed Siân to spend time with each student in a personal tutorial.

Although only a small proportion of the full complement of Distant Stitch students is able to attend, it is a very inspiring and fun event.

Urchfont Manor has a special place in our hearts and it was very sad that it closed in 2012 - the end of a long and wonderful era for Siân and all the students who have studied and enjoyed the welcoming atmosphere by all the staff and the beautiful surroundings at Urchfont.
Students at Farncombe
But onwards and upwards to relocate our popular annual Summer School event to the luxurious Farncombe Estate near Broadway in the Cotswolds where we are making ourselves at home in our new surroundings with stunning views.

This story of Distant Stitch continues with the latest initiative of our Facebook Group Page which is building up to become a lively forum for informal chat and interesting sharing of interesting information. So keep a look out for our latest initiatives on
Facebook www.facebook.com/DistantStitch and on the
Distant Stitch website www.distantstitch.co.uk and perhaps think about joining us as a much valued student.

Tea Time at Farncombe
Distant Stitch Summer School
This photo above right shows a happy gathering of Distant Stitch students and tutors (Louise Baldwin and Sue Dove, Siân front left) during the 2013 Summer School at Farncombe Estate in the Cotswolds.

Students on any of the Level 2 and 3 Courses are welcome to join us at the Summer School for yet another inspirational event.