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Decorated Papers Workshop:
Creative ways to make decorative papers.

This workshop will be an invaluable introduction to the new designer to make exciting decorated papers with a personal touch. These can be used as designs in their own right or can be used to create more complex designs or to enhance 3D surfaces to cover books, boxes and vessels.

The video demonstrates how you can handle the different media to create so many different decorative variations. You can view this as many times as you like.

The accompanying hand book describes each process and gives you background information on all the tools and products. Use them together to give you an informative and inspirational workshop in your own home.

The topics covered are:-
Advice or papers and colouring media.
Colour theory and ways of composing a colour scheme.
How to apply colouring media to paper surfaces and to add a complementary colour.
Learn how to add interest to your colour with salt and cling film.
Experiment with different ways of making stamps to make beautiful printed patterns on your papers.
Explore ways of discharging colour from you papers.
Have fun with 'frottage'.
Discover ways of decorating your papers to connect with a personal design project.
Effective designs from collages of your decorated papers.
Ideas to create colourful and richly decorated surfaces to cover 3D shapes such as books, boxes and vessels.

Price £35
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