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I have enjoyed doing this course immensely and have learnt so many new ideas and techniques that it’s hard to know where to start in exploring them further! I am brimming with ideas to try out and subject matter to explore in fabric and stitch. It’s been a real joy for me to have been able to study in such depth, and I am really grateful for all your feedback, advice and encouragement, and it’s given me the confidence to think that I could work towards exhibiting something locally one day, which is a very far cry from where I was even a couple of years ago! I hope this email conveys something of the pleasure I have had doing this course with you, it’s been an important part of my life for a long time! Kate Shaw 2020
Kate Shaw    from UK
Your way suits me beautifully and every so often something comes up in a group and I know the answer or technique when others don’t. I feel it’s because I have had time to experience and explore the technique rather than tick a box.
Jean Hurlock    from UK
I would like to thank you for your feed back and support over the last four years. It helped a lot in making progress. I also learned a lot by making designs, samples and assessment pieces. A few years ago I had a dip, but by giving me freedom to go my way - which I didn't use so much after all- you helped me very much. I think the language barrier was not too troublesome as I believed in the beginning. Despite my mistakes you understood what I meant to write.
Monica Koning    from Netherlands/France
Thank you so much for reading my final bits so quickly and for “signing me off”. I am delighted to finally be able to answer my friends’ “Have you finished your British course yet?” with a yes, but I am also extremely sorry to end this particular journey with you. I remember my tremendous excitement in Switzerland back in 2002 when I discovered your foundation module and the opportunity to begin something so appealing, and that enthusiasm to open each module has not waned over the years, despite my latterly exponential progression! Your course has made such an impact on my life really and I can’t thank you enough for your guidance, help, occasional prodding, and friendship over this time. I will always be singing your praises and recommending Distant Stitch. HELEN MACRITCHIE (Embroidery Diploma, January 2017)
Helen MacRitchie    from Sydney, Australia
The course itself and your support within it has been superb, and whenever anyone asks me about courses I always point them to this one, and will continue to do so! I’ve really enjoyed it and have learned so much that I now want to put into practice and embed in my “own” work, as opposed to coursework. None of this would have been possible without the course and your support and encouragement. I can’t thank you enough.
Jamila Ibrohim    from UK
Thank you so much for all your help, advice and expertise in helping me finish this course. Your comprehensive and encouraging feedbacks were most welcome and I valued your observations greatly. The course material was well set out and guided you through the exercises well. I have enjoyed all of it and learnt so much. I particularly liked exploring a subject such as stars and crosses, lettering and animal markings and finding out the different ways of making patterns and designs from one idea. This is something I have not done before and should have been doing! I feel that I now have the skills to develop an original design and see it through to the end and I have so many samples to refer back to. I looked through my blog when I had finished and I cannot believe the amount of work I have actually done. The blog is certainly a very visual record and useful to refer to in the future.
Pat Huggins    from UK
I loved making the book and I'm so glad you enjoyed looking at it. It seemed to take on a life of its own and although I started with a plan, it grew and changed all along the way. Some of the pages seemed to form and link together easily whereas others were quite challenging - I spent ages trying to work out how they would look alongside each other then had some surprises when different views were revealed. I put some pages on one side as they didn't seem quite right, then later on ways to complete and link them became clear - they had to wait for their moment. I loved the process and am pleased with the result. Overall the course has been brilliant in every way - it has worked so well being able to fit it around work, family etc and it has amazed me how much time I have found, because I've really wanted to keep going. I can honestly say I have enjoyed every chapter of every module - I have learned so much and been hugely inspired whilst feeling that I've only just put my toe in the water and there is so much more I want to try. Your instructions, information, guidance and feedback have been fantastic throughout - highly motivating and inspiring and detailed and personal. You have become very much part of our family and yes I would definitely like to keep in touch. Most of all the course has given me a reason to just try things for the sake of creating and experimenting. Previously I have always felt things should be for a present or to try to sell or to be useful/decorative in the house.... now I hope to continue to go with the flow and just try things and fill loads of books and folders and see what develops.
Helen Farnsworth    from Derbyshire, UK
I can't thank you enough for your support and encouragement on this course, you maintained a superb balance of support without influencing me in any way, so that I was able to develop my individuality as an artist and I really value that very much.. I am so pleased to feel that I have come such a long way towards marrying my love of paperwork design with embroidery and I would never have thought it was possible when I started the diploma course. I now feel that I have bridged that gap sufficiently to be able to build on this knowledge base and move forward into a style that is my own. I have loved working with the media used in this last piece and think I will continue to explore it with a view to creating a series, something I have always wanted to aspire to and not managed to sufficiently find my voice before, which you have now helped me to do. Once again thank you so much for this experience, it has been a unique privilege to have worked with you and the perfect way to do a distance learning course with just one tutor.
Sharon Young,   Student from Surrey UK
I learned so much from my studies with Distant Stitch and I will always be grateful, Sian, for your very encouraging and constructive tuition. It is thanks to the sound principles I learned from you that I am now able to explore my own ideas and plan my own work. I believe it is a very good course and I would have no hesitation in recommending it to anybody who wanted to get a C&G qualification through distance learning.
Maggie Mees,   Student from Canada
If the next two years are anything like the last year with the wonderful Sylvia, I shall be over the moon!! You are indeed fortunate with the calibre of tutors in your team - keep up the good work. When folk ask who I'm doing the online course with, I do of course pass on the details!
Claire Winchester   Patchwork and Quilting student from Ross-shire, UK
Hi Sian, last night popped a champagne cork in our house! I thank you a thousand times for your support during the last 3 years. I have greatly appreciated your insightful leadership and guidance and I always got that impression to be picked up from you where I had been.. I had often the experienced at workshops that the tutors wanted to find their understanding of art and their style in the work of the students. I have never had this experience during the 3 years course. I've always seen you as a highly competent tutor. Thank you! All the best
Maren Fischer   Embroidery Certificate Student from Germany
Thank you so much for your prompt and very detailed reply. I feel, having at last finished the left front, that I don't quite know where to go from here and you have given me so much food for thought. My flame was dying down to a feeble glow and I feel it spurting up again and I'm dying to get going trying some of the ideas you suggest. It was the joining of the smaller blocks to make the larger areas of the kimono that made me feel unsure and you have given me lots of helpful advice for how to accomplish this and get an overall rhythm of tone, which is what I wanted but wasn't sure how to achieve it. I have never, in any course I have studied, had such a good and wise tutor, who seems to read my muddled mind for what I want to achieve, cut right to the heart of where I am struggling, and show me not one way forward, but enough different and exciting possible ways forward that it remains my project (because I have the choice) and does not become the tutor's one. My heartfelt thanks for that.
Catherine Slater   Embroidery Certificate Student from Aberdeenshire, Scotland, UK
I have so enjoyed working with you, and I think your Distant Stitch courses are the best in the field. I have learned so much, and really internalized a workflow for art and design that is so incredibly valuable to me. I may join the Facebook group just to keep track of what you are doing.
Rain Klepper   Embroidery Certificate student from Colorado, USA
Thank you so much for being a great tutor - I will miss you. I have thoroughly enjoyed studying with Distant Stitch and will continue to enthuse about you to others. I have decided not to do the diploma yet as I have loads of arty ideas I want to pursue and I will continue to blog these.
Julie Filmer   Student from UK
I want to say thank you for all you have taught me. The ways to look at things differently and organize my ideas has been a significant benefit. If anyone asks if it worth enrolling in the course, I would say absolutely! In the US the price of one of your course modules is similar to some of the week long classes. I would definitely say that I gained more from a Distant Stitch module than a week’s class without the expense of travel or vacation time. Please feel free to use me as a reference on this.
Kathy Johnson:   Student from Michigan, USA
“I really enjoyed the Modules and learnt masses. The way you have structured the Course is extremely professional and thorough and your feedback was helpful and must take ages to write!”
Karen Phimister:   Student from Gloucestershire, UK
I had a good journey home - I thoroughly enjoyed the summer school and learnt and developed lots of new tips and techniques. I will certainly feel much more confident at making and trying out new ideas for putting together books. I found looking at other students work; discussing issues with everyone else; the exhibition and the first evening presentation very beneficial in terms of developing new and improved ways of working. Lots to think about and lots of inspiration and ideas to try out. It was the first exhibition I have seen at Urchfont and I was extremely impressed with the standard of work. Thank you.
Carole Pearson:   Student from Yorkshire, UK

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