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Workshop On The Web

Workshop on the Web

Maggie Grey's Workshop on the Web

An internet magazine featuring workshops with the very best International Tutors.

Try our free issue with lots of great workshops at www.workshopontheweb.com.

Here are some pics to give just a little taste of the articles you will find in our internet magazine.

We publish four times a year and each issue contains up to ten articles, plus new book reviews, in-depth explorations of new products and all the stitchy news.

The articles show step-by-step photos of the techniques explored and we cater for a wide range of interests - machine embroidery, mixed media, quilting, hand stitching, beading and innovative ideas for the new stuff! All for £15.50 for a whole year.

AND you will find an entire free issue to show you what we do. Just go to www.workshopontheweb.com. and click on the free taster.

Here are some pics from recent issues.
Right, Ruth Issett on painted stitching, below, clockwise from top left: Leslie Irving's vessel: Maggie Grey's mixed media book: Sue Dove's Design to Stitch: a stage in Jan Beaney's hand stitching on solubles article.









Approaches to Stitch

'Approaches to Stitch'

This book, 'Approaches to Stitcht', looks at the work of six textile artists. Siān Martin is one of the 'six.'

Their work ranges from quilting, stitching, mixed media and journalling, and each is an expert in her own field. You can see examples of their work below although this is not necessarily the topic they will cover in the book.

Each artist will talk about her work and then expand on this so that the reader will be able to try a technique (or two) for themselves which they can then adapt and develop as a base for their own experiments. I'm really excited about the people we've invited to join us and everyone at d4daisy books is confident that this will be one of our best books yet.

Visit the d4daisy website if you'd like a chance to win a good prize of stitching essentials. Just click the 'Let me know' button; there is absolutely no obligation to buy.

Maggie Grey, Editor

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