Terms and Conditions of Enrolment for all Courses:

1 Distant Stitch is fully approved by the awarding body, City & Guilds of London Institute, UK, to offer Level 1, 2 & 3 Design and Craft schemes.

2 Courses are designed to be completed within one year for a level 1 course, two years for a level 2 course and three years for a level 3 course. Students are advised to ensure that they structure their time in order to complete within the advised time limit of their renrolment.

3 Distant Stitch students receive in-progress assessment throughout their course. Constructive and sensitive guidance is provided to satisfy the syllabus requirements and extend the student.

4 All students will receive a Handbook on enrolment with Distant Stitch on their chosen course as part of their enrolment fee. Enrolled students who have not been in contact with their tutor for one year, will be deemed to have withdrawn from their course. They can negotiate with Distant Stitch to re-enrol if they wish to continue with the same course after this period.

5 All of the information and advice within any of the course material is given in good faith and believed to be true. Health and safety guidelines have been included as seems appropriate but individuals must accept responsibility for their own actions and work in a safe way. Manufacturers' specific product information and guidelines for safe practice in their use should be heeded and given precedence over any generic information. No responsibility can be accepted by Distant Stitch for any accident or injury sustained during the courses offered by Distant Stitch.

6 All course content is the intellectual property of individual Distant Stitch course tutors as specified and is not to be copied, shared or distributed in any form. One copy may be printed by the enrolled student for their study during the course. This may be saved to a CD or memory stick.

7 A description of the course content is made available to students in our written or digital material supplied with each course and online. Distant Stitch reserves the right to amend the information and requirements of the course as necessary in order to keep it up-to date and creative.

8 The Distant Stitch course tutor will normally acknowledge a studentís enquiry and/or request for feedback within three working days or will reply to the student with an indication of when to expect their feedback. A full and supportive feedback response will be sent to the student, normally within two weeks of this communication. Occasional longer periods, due to individual tutorís annual leave, will be notified to the student in advance.

9 Distant Stitch reserves the right to substitute a course tutor or a summer school tutor on a temporary basis as necessary to provide cover for periods of unforeseen and unavoidable absence.

10 All communication will be conducted in a courteous and considerate manner.

11 Distant Stitch retains the right to refuse service to any individual at any time.

12 Distant Stitch students will pay for each of the modules separately. The price of the final Module for students registered with City and Guilds will include the current City and Guilds certification fee. Distant Stitch reserves the right to increase the price of individual Modules during a course.

13 If at any time a student decides not to complete the course there is no commitment for them to make payments for remaining modules. No refund will be made for any Modules already purchased and downloaded.

14 Distant Stitch will endeavour to keep prices stable but reserve the right to make adjustments as necessary. On enrolment students will have access to the first Module of their course. Subsequent Modules will be accessible on satisfactory completion of the previous Module. Module payments will need to be received and cleared by Distant Stitch before the new/next Module is made available. Access to the course material is available only to officially enrolled students of Distant Stitch.

15 Distant Stitch students must not distribute course materials or tutorial feedback in any way, to websites or blogs or use them wholly or in part when teaching. Any such action will be considered a breach of UK copyright laws.

16 Distant Stitch students undertake to supply only their own work for assessment and not that of any other party. Students will be expected to comply with the simple validating procedure with each Module and at the end of the course before certification.

17 Distant Stitch reserves the right to reproduce images of students' work for use on the Distant Stitch website and other promotional material. Students who do not wish to have their work reproduced for these purposes should notify Distant Stitch at the time of enrolment. Students who prefer to withhold their full name on the website should also indicate this at the time of enrolment.

18 If a student has been registered with City and Guilds, Distant Stitch will have the right to show coursework of each registered student during any City and Guilds verification procedure.

19 Distant Stitch cannot be held responsible for the content of websites listed as links from this site.

20 It is the responsibility of the individual to protect their own computer system with adequate antivirus software.

21 Students will be required to acknowledge acceptance of 'Terms and Conditions' upon enrolment. Submitting the enrolment form will be taken as evidence that they have read, understood and agreed to the terms and conditions.

22 All Terms and Conditions may have additions, deletions and alterations made in the future and the definitive current version will be the one posted on our website.

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